Death Tax: A Post-Mortem

By June 9, 2006General

Just wanted to do a little-post mortem on the death tax vote yesterday. A post-mortem seems appropriate for a death tax, no?

It’s so frustrating that repeatedly, because of the arcane rules of the United Sates Senate you need 60 votes to get anything done. And so you have an issue like the death tax, where we had 57 votes for passage of the bill, but couldn’t get the 60 votes needed to get it to the floor for a vote. The minority fustrates the will of the majority. That’s just ridiculous and another reminder that if manufacturers ran their businesses like the Congress runs its business, there aren’t many who would still be around.

And so we post again here the roll call vote. Study it closely for your two Senators. Then go here and find their Washington or District phone or fax number and say “bravo” to the ones who were with us. For the ones who were against us, ask them why they decided to deal a blow to America’s small manufacturers. Next time they tell you how much they care about manufacturing, remember their vote to penalize innovation, risk-taking and hard work.

By the way, this issue isn’t over and we live to fight another day. Watch this space for further developments. We may get another bite at this apple as soon as next week.

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  • mary cloud says:

    The republicans do not know how to govern! Take it in bites $5M per person would be a big improvement and also provide some certainty for estate planning!!! The insurance companies and estate lawyers are fighting this tooth and nail. Support John Kyl in his compromise There may not be another opportunity after the election if Dems continue to gain.