Cool Stuff Being Made: How Duct Tape Is Made

By June 24, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

ducttape.jpgYou may remember a while ago in Friday Follies we posted a link to a site that showed 101 uses — or more — for duct tape. It included, as we recall, a pretty smart looking — and durable — suit for the prom.

In any event, continuing with the duct tape theme — one of the most ubiquitous and multi-faceted manufactured items known to civilization (not to mention MacGyver), from good NAM member 3M , here is a very entertaining three and a half-minute video of duct tape being made. The narrator alone is worth the price of admission, he’s quite a character.

Click here to see how duct tape is made, and feel the manufacturing vibe.

[UPDATE]: Thanks to sharp-eyed blog reader Carter Wood for pointing out that this very entertaining narrator is indeed Red Green of “The Red Green Show” fame. We thought it looked like him, but since he wasn’t identified, thought it might be a wannabe. As 3M is a sponsor of his show, it all makes sense. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing the show, we would recommend it. It probably helps if you’re from the North Country to fully enjoy it, but either way, it’s a very funny show. Thanks again to Carter Wood for the catch.