Cool Stuff Being Made: How Carnival Food Is Made

By June 17, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

fairfood.jpgStep right up, one and all, come see how carnival food is made.

Hey, it’s summer, and summer carnivals will proliferate, as will county and state fairs. And the highlights of the Midway are really all the great food you eat there. Notice we didn’t necessarily say, “healthy” food, just “great” food. We’ve consumed a bunch of it in our time.

So here from our friends at South Carolina Educational TV is another one of their installments of how things are made. Walk along with them as they watch the process for making candy apples (the sticks are required to have the ingredients printed on them), Popcorn (plain and caramel), Cotton Candy (invented by a dentist in the l890’s) and our personal favorite, funnel cakes — from Pennsylvania Dutch country. WARNING: Don’t watch this when you’re hungry. It may lead to erratic behavior.

Click here to watch this five and a half minute video and feel the manufacturing vibe.