Cool Stuff Being Made: How Boats Are Made

By June 10, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

boat.jpgFolks in the warner regions of the country enjoy boating season year-round, but here in the Mid-Atlantic, boating has to wait for the good weather. Summer is now in full swing and thus so is the long-awaited boating season. that set us to thinking about nautical things and we found this video from our friends at South Carolina Educational TV about how boats are made.

The video features a visit to a Beneteau Manufacturing plant in Marion, South Carolina. You’ll see boats go from the mold room all the way through “M.E.P” — mechanical, electrical and plumbing — to final assembly and testing. They make some nice boats with some cool amenities.

Click on this link to see this 9-minute video and feel the manufacturing vibe. And remember, these are now available in video podcasting as well. See? We toldja manufacturers are cutting edge…..

Anchors aweigh!