Cool Stuff Being Made: How Barcodes Are Made

By June 3, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

barcode.jpgHere’s something we take for granted: the barcode. It appears on just about everything we buy, somewhere on the product, the obscure but universal barcode. Here in this 7-minute video, you’ll see a tour of Advanced Barcode and Label Technologies. Along the way, they break the code, if you will, of the barcode. The first few numbers are the company code. They’re followed by the SKU, or the specific product code and finally by a “check digit.”

The barcode is computer generated, of course, and there are computers along the way in this process that also check the barcodes for accuracy. You’ll see once again why increasingly, manufacturing jobs require a high degree of technical skill.

So the next time you grab a product off the grocery store shelf and see the barcode scanned, maybe you’ll remember this video, another “Eye Wonder” special from the good folks at South Carolina Educational TV.

Click here to watch the video and feel the manufacturing vibe.