‘An Inconvenient Truth’: Box Office Bomb

By June 14, 2006Global Warming

Here’s this from Ken Shepherd over at the Business and Media Institute about Al Gore’s new movie:

“Perhaps not since ‘Gigli’ has a movie so highly anticipated by the media done so little at the box office.”

That hurts.

He goes on to point out the virtual carpet-bombing of press interviews and pure adulation (including Larry King last night on CNN) for Al’s film, yet it’s doing even worse than the aforementioned Bennifer flop. Clearly his constituents in the MSM, the folks who voted for him, are doing their level best to help the old guy out, but apparently to no avail.

For those of you just finding us, click here to find some information on why this movie is as factual and as true-to-life as, well, “Cars.”

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  • k says:

    $18M to date seems pretty good to me, actually. Films like this almost never make much money; by the standard for documentaries, this must be an all-time blowout success…

  • d says:

    Do you ever get tired of being wrong all the time?