A Mindshare Mind Meld

By June 28, 2006General

Thanks to the good folks at Mindshare for hosting a fun event last night on blogging. A nice and engaged group was there, and the panelists included yours truly, Lori Harrison of the American Bus Association blog and Lindsay Czarniak, who blogged from the Winter Olympics and the Final Four for the local NBC station. Of course, neither the blogger-in-chief nor the bus people have their own satellite, so we were at a bit of a disadvantage. But the playing field was leveled since we’re talking about manufacturing, the epitome of cool, while poor Lindsay is stuck talking about mundane stuff like sports.

Thanks to Brian Reich of Mindshare for the invite and the always-inquisitive, tireless reporter Jeff DuFour of The Hill. Jeff, as it turns out, is headed over to join The Examiner, a good move for him and for The Examiner as well. We’ve said it here before — they are a paper that is really coming on like gangbusters. The DuFour hire is just one more smart move. keep an eye on them. Also thanks to Mike Krempasky — who knows more about blogging than just about anyone on the planet — for showing up late so as not to embarrass us.

All in all, a great event.