A Conversation About Global Warming With US PIRG

By June 2, 2006Global Warming

A friend of mine sent me this funny exchange that he had with college kid named Sally from US PIRG, the Ralph Nader outfit.

Apparently, US PIRG has a campaign to sign up people in to work against Global Warming.

Here’s a recount of the conversation (we’re trying to be fair):

PIRG: “My name’s Sallly, what’s yours?”

HIM: “My name’s not important. So what are you up to?”

PIRG: “I’m soliciting support for US PIRG so we can fight global warming. Please take a look at this.”

(Sally hands him a notebook with various nature photo, some bullet points, a signature sheet with names and addresses).

PIRG: “So would you like help fight global warming?”

HIM: “How would you do that?”

PIRG: “By getting Congress to pass legislation.”

HIM: “Legislation to do what?”

PIRG: “Fight global warming.”

HIM: “But, by what specific measures? What would the legislation do?”

PIRG: “Uh. I don’t know.”

HIM: “Sally, you’re going to have to do better.”

PIRG: “I’m sorry.”

My friend remarks that he felt a little bad about running Sally through her paces; she’s just a dumb college kid after all.

I suppose US PIRG just uses the issue du jour to sign people up, but…oh brother.

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