Welcome to the ‘No-Zone’

By May 11, 2006Energy

As it turns out, Rep. Peterson has a counterpart in the Senate with equal vigor, fighting to lift the various bans that are in place to prevent us from tapping our own natural resources. It is Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) who a made speech on the floor yesterday, introducing the Western Hemisphere Energy Security Act and highlighting what he called ‘the No-Zone”. This would be the area — or areas — where it seems the radical enviros and their protectors in Congress are always saying, “no.” Notice that they really don’t have a plan (except to use less energy — how’s that going…?), they can only say “no”.

Here’s a link to Sen. Craig’s website — loaded with info and links to article and editorials on energy issues. If you care about energy, it really is a great resource. There’s even an audio and a video link to his floor statement on his bill.

You’ll also find some fun stuff there, like a chart of the actual “No Zone” and a companion chart to the one we posted below on natural gas — this one showing the growing gap between supplies and demand for oil.

The solution is pretty clear, no?