Want to Stop Soaring Health Care Costs?

By May 10, 2006Health Care

Whenever two or more manufacturers get together, you hear about a few issues: legal reform, China, the price of energy and health care — always health care. Costs have been soaring unchecked for years, putting a burden on manufacturers large and small.

There is a bunch of legislation out there that will begin to stem the spiraling costs of health care. One of them is the Small Business Health Plan bill, S. 1955. In all likelihood, there will be a vote on this bill today or tomorrow. The Wall Street Journal ran a great editorial on this yesterday, supporting the bill. Here’s a summary of the bill’s provisions.

What this bill does is allow small businesses to band together through trade and professional associations to buy affordable health care benefits. This will not only make health care more affordable for both small businesses and their employees, but it will also at the end of the day cause more people to be insured. Isn’t that one of the goals here?

So if you’re grappling with high health care prices and want to do something about it click here, just enter your zip code to find your Senators and drop them a note to tell them to support S. 1955. Here’s a link to the letter we sent to every Senator on Tuesday, informing them that their vote on S. 1955 would be considered a Key Manufacturing Vote.