Update on US Broadband

By May 17, 2006General

There’s are lots of competitiveness standards to judge how well the United States stands vis-a-vis other nations and in most of them, we are doing very well today, thank you.

Last month, the Paris-based OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) issued its annual report on where we stand in broadband deployment. The bad news is that the US is #12, down from #4 just four years earlier. The good news is that the US is #12–up one notch from the previous OECD ranking. Ahead of the US are Japan, Canada, Korea and a group of northern European nations. Click here to read a recent news report on the release of this ranking.

It’s worth noting, as many press reports did that day, that Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin recently had an editorial in the Financial Times wherein he said that such ranking do not tell the “full story” about broadband deployment. He said the lower population density in the United States made comparisons with high population density countries like comparing apples and oranges. Yet the message remains loud and clear that this country should be doing more to stay on top in this category.

A year ago, NAM president John Engler wrote a piece about our telecomm priorities, including broadband. Back then, the US was #13; now we are #12. Gov. Engler’s piece is still relevant today. Click here to read it.