Time to Permanently Bury the Death Tax

By May 2, 2006General

As we noted yesterday, a bunch of our small manufacturers are in town this week for the Death Tax Summit, fighting to keep repeal of the death tax permanent. Funny how when the paranoiacs get engaged, all roads lead to Wal-Mart. Somebody alleged yesterday that Wal-mart was behind this effort. Well, we can honestly say we have no idea where they stand on this issue — last we checked they were publicly-held — but we do know that thousands of small manufacturers will be forced to sell their companies or take on enormous debt to pay the death tax if it comes back in 2011.

Our death tax guru, Bob Shepler, reminded us today of the Death Tax Chronicles, a publication we put out last year, with 20 pages of profiles and stories of real live small manufacturers who would be hurt by the death tax if it’s not permanently repealed — or if they don’t have the good sense to die before 2011.

In any event, here’s a link to the Death Tax Chronicles. Makes for some interesting reading — real stories about real people, for whom the death tax would be a devastating blow — for them and the many people they employ.

Click here to drop a note to your elected representatives, tell them to keep the death tax repeal permanent.