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By May 2, 2006General

There are victims and there are victims. It seems that every day we are treated to a new diet of victims on TV and other media: victims of mold, of hot coffee, of spotted owls swooping down and snatching babies, and God only knows what else. Well, the time has come for the real victims in this charade to speak. Loyal blog readers (both of you) may recall we touted the great work of the Victims Project last year. Here is a repeat…and we feel justified for doing so because we are still spending more on tort costs in this country than some 200 countries spend on their entire gross domestic products.

And until that changes…well, we guess you’ll have to suffer through a rare regurgitation of content year after year.

In any event, since readership has grown a bit, we thought its time once again to make you aware of The American Justice Partnership’s (Anybody here opposed to justice…?) “Victim’s Project” for victims of lawsuit abuse to weigh in.

See the box below and click on the appropriate links to weigh in. There are links for individuals, small businesses and investors. We heard from one member company a while ago who was the victim of a frivolous shareholder suit which they of course paid millions of dollars to settle. (See, that’s how the con works). Under this particular statute, money not claimed by shareholders within a certain period (something like 2-3 yrs) reverts to the company. And in this case, the lion’s share of the money went unclaimed and did in fact return to the company, but not before the lawyers took their 33%… How about a rule that says that no lawyer In a class action can take less than any plaintiff? That’d reduce the number of claims in a hurry.

Watch this space in the coming days for more news about lawyers who are in our view overreaching. And do click on the link below if you’ve been a victim of lawsuit abuse.

Category Select this questionnaire if you are reporting a lawsuit abuse situation or incident:
Individual in which you or a member of your family was sued because of a traffic accident, accident on your home property or in a dispute with a neighbor or contractor

Small Business or Corporation

related to a small, medium or large business

Medical Patient

that has affected the health care and access to doctors that you or members of your family have


that has affected your medical practice or role

Consumer or Client of Plaintiff Firm

in which you or your family were harmed as a consumer or client of a plaintiff law firm

Individual Investor

in which you or your family lost money as a consequence of a lawsuit against a company or investment fund in which you invested

Community Organization or Municipality

related to the services and activities provided by a community organization or local government agency

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