Thanks, Al!

By May 22, 2006Global Warming

Global Warming Every now and then we are given a great gift in life. Doesn’t happen often, but once in every lifetime, something great just drops in your lap.

Our day has come.

In what can only be a colossal mistake by the Father of the Internet, the official blog site for Al Gore’s new movie has on its front page a prominent link to the blog you are now reading. That’s right. Under a section called, “Conversations About Global Warming” is a thumbnail of the blogger-in-chief and a link to, the Manufacturers Blog. We should also note that not another word on his blog breathes a hint of dissent about the theory of global warming. As both you regular blog readers know, we spend a lot of time debunking Al’s favorite theory. In fact, we have a whole category dedicated to it.

Could this be a great show of magnanimity by the Internet’s Founder and erstwhile Presidential candidate? Is it a sign, maybe, that even he is getting a little skeptical about all this global warming, uh… cooling, uh… warming stuff? Maybe he’s getting ready to throw in the towel on all this “sure is getting hot in here” mumbo-jumbo.

In any event, we took a screen shot of the site because we just couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw it after spotting the link on Technorati. We figured it’s just a matter of time before somebody realizes the blunder and corrects it. The fact that no one had figured it out by Sunday also told us there probably ain’t much traffic over on poor Al’s blog. In any event, click on the image on the left to see it for yourself. A very inconvenient truth indeed.

We want to thank Our Great White Internet Father for this magnanimous if unintentional olive branch and want to bask in the glow of balance and peace reigning in the kingdom, if only ’til somebody gets fired.

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  • Xerxes says:

    It’s not an error, it’s auto-pulled via technorati, so there was nothing to “correct”. If you post another story with the right keywords in it, it’ll go up there again, unless they pull the whole feed. Frankly, I applaud them for letting be so transparent.