Texas Instruments and 500 Patents

By May 6, 2006General

The folks at Texas Instruments had a reception and demonstration of some very cool new technology this week at a museum here in Washington, DC. They wanted to show off their new DLP Picture Technology. This new technology has an all-digital imaging chip that is used in HDTV and in digital cinemas around the world. It literally manipulates light digitally and so is a major leap forward from analog film to digital cinema. It was developed in the US by Texas Instruments and the company holds more than 500 patents related to it. You may see it in theaters near you soon and if you think the picture quality is razor sharp, then it could very well be that DLP is behind in the theater’s projector.

Texas Instruments has shown the way for manufacturers to be state-of-the-art and globally competitive so hats off to the engineers and scientists at TI (and the managers who backed them) who developed this innovation.