Tapping Our Own Resources: ‘Don’t Give Up the Coast’

By May 16, 2006Energy

Great editorial in yesterday’s Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) sent to us by one of our two faithful blog readers. It hits many of the same arguments you’ve seen here to rebut the opposition to tapping our own resources. On the issue of oil spills from offshore drilling, they point out that a whopping 63% of the petroleum pollution in our oceans comes from natural seeps. The next biggest offenders are boats and cars. That’s OK, the enviros want to pull the plug on boats and cars, too.

They also post a chart that you can see in the text of the article that shows the enormous reserves in the Outer Continental Shelf. Here’s a link to another chart from the respected and non-partisan Minerals Management Service of the US Department of the Interior that shows the estimated undiscovered and recoverable supplies of oil and gas.

And, for good measure, the IBD says in closing,

“Whether environmentalists and their allies in the media and Congress like it or not, there soon will be new drilling just off the Florida coast. But it will be a Cuban project in Cuban waters near the Keys done by Chinese, as well as Canadian and Spanish, companies. A capitalist nation that lets a communist bloc drain its oil supply is not paying enough attention.”

But then, we already knew that…..