Only One in Four Teens Can Name Broadcast Networks

By May 17, 2006General

We read with interest a recent article in Ad Age about how only one in four 12- to 34-year-olds can name all four major broadcast networks: ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox.

Earlier this week we reported on how newspaper circulation is in decline and we think this new bit of information is further evidence of the impact of the blogosphere and the decline & fall of the MSM.

As evidence, the article quotes survey researcher Lou Kerner who noted “Our audience spends lots of time on net, creating their own media“…as in blogging, perhaps?

The Blogger-in-Chief also asked me to point out that when Tom Brokaw came on the air in third place in 1983, he had more viewers than when he left 21 years later in first place.

(Washington Post reporter John Carmody wrote on 9/23/83 that Brokaw had a 10.4/20 share according to nielsen that week of September. In December of 2004, it was reported that the week Brokaw left he had a 7.7/15 share according to Nielsen)

But the evening news crowd is happy that they are still making money (a lot of it) and beating cable…but one does have to wonder, what happened that, since 1983, caused the three major broadcasters’ share of the evening news audience to plummeted from 63 percent to 36 percent?