One More OCS Myth Bites the Dust

By May 4, 2006Energy

Along with the Death Tax Summit this week, there are a bunch of manufacturers in town as part of the Consumer Alliance for Energy Security (CAES) effort to advocate for exploration of the Outer Continental Shelf. We’ve heard just about every excuse there can be for why not to do it, all the while knowing that Fidel Castro and our friendly neighbors to the north — Canada — can drill about 50 miles from our shores. Heck, Castro even has the Chinese helping him out. But we can’t touch it.

So folks have argued about spills, even though there’s been no significant spill from offshore drilling since 1968. Here’s a great graphic from the non-partisan Minerals Management Service, a division of the US Department of the Interior, that shows the path of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, shows the locations of the many oil platforms in those paths — all with not a single drop of oil being spilled. See, people keep fighting old fights long after the technology surpasses them. The technology now is good enough to prevent spills, and it’s worked famously.

Oh, and by the way, here’s a great ad that the CAES is running in Capitol Hill newspapers this week to accompany their on-the-ground efforts.

If you think we oughta unleash our own supply of oil and gas — 80+ billion barrels of oil and 420 cubic feet of natural gas — click here to drop a note to your elected representative and tell them so. After all, they work for you.