Oil Prices: Chavez Goes to Bolivia

By May 3, 2006Energy

Here’s this story from Reuters that Castro crony — Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez — is off to Bolivia. Bolivia just announced it’s nationalizing its oil and gas industries.

All this portends bad things for oil prices. Wish we could tap our own reserves and not be beholden to the whims of various International blokes seemingly hell-bent on ultimately holding us hostage to their oil reserves.

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  • Olafo says:

    Sure, blame them for wanting to use their natural resources to benefit their people and country.

    The number one cause for high oil prices is the WAR. get out of Iraq, stop stealing their oil. Don’t mess with Iran, this is going to start WW3.

    Wake up Americans, it’s time for W to go (to jail I hope)

  • Wingy McNutt says:

    Damn it!
    Another country with a bunch of OUR oil underneath it!
    I HATE it when that happens.