Newspaper Circulation Declines, Blog Traffic Soars

By May 14, 2006General

Not sure if you caught this last week — it wasn’t exactly front-page news for the country’s largest newspapers — but overall, newspaper circulation declined last year by 2.5%. However, some individual papers — as reported in the annual statistics compiled and reported by the Audit Bureau of Circulations — took a bigger hit. According to this list from AP, the LA Times saw circulation drop by 5.4% while the WaPo circulation dropped by 3.7%. We’d have to check population figures, but off hand we’d guess the populations in both areas increased over the same span.

Says the Wall Street Journal in its story, “Many newspaper publishers have watched circulation decline for years, as readers, particularly younger ones, turned to newer media outlets, such as Web sites, blogs and 24-hour cable-TV news channels.”

On that point, the latest “Sifry’s Alert” from Technorati King David Sifry notes that the blogosphere is roughly doubling in size every 6 months, now totaling over 35 million. We’ve certainly seen traffic to our humble little blog soar in the past year. We’d never be so bold as to think any of that is coming form the mighty WaPo or the Grey Lady, but we’re sure glad to be on the right side of this trend.

Why do you think newspaper circulation is in decline?