New Report on State Legal Climates to be Released Today

By May 11, 2006Briefly Legal

Today, the American Justice Partnership and we will release a new report analyzing each state’s tort system relative to other states. The study is unique in that it takes into account objective factors such has how courts are structured, total monetary losses, how venues are decided, what reforms have been recently enacted, etc. — some 39 factors in all. It is truly an empirical — and eye-opening — study of the 50 states’ civil justice system. States — all of whom are in a race for jobs and investment — would do well to make sure they don’t have a legal climate that is hostile to business and innovation.

This study will be unveiled at an event at the National Press Club in Washington at 1 p.m. Drop us an e-mail if you want more details. We will post a link to the study as soon as it’s available. Here’s a link to our press advisory on today’s event.

[Update]: Here’s a link to the study.