New Blog Testimonial Section Unveiled

By May 19, 2006General

Hey — check it out — we have received so many testimonials that we had to start our own “Testimonial” section here on the blog. Look in the upper left corner, you’ll see it there. We’ve got some good ones and some not so good ones posted therein. The 50-50 split is not statistically accurate, in that we’ve received a much higher level of ridicule than adulation. Once we get a few minutes, we’ll mine the comment for some more doozies like “History will judge you to be a colossal buffoon,” one of our favorites. It made us feel good that we’d have a place in history, after all. And, Lou Dobbs’ famous shot at us is in there as well.

So please do check it out. And click on the “Comments” tag below if you want to add one of your own. Don’t get too schmaltzy on us. We like the irreverent ones better.

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  • Mia says:

    It’s about time you boys put up some testimonials! I’m excited to be able to see the good, the bad, and most importantly the ugly. : ) I also finally got my RSS feed to work so I don’t have to keep hitting the refresh button all day.

  • Dave Ryan says:

    BIC, what’s wrong with me? I enjoy reading your blog and I watch Lou Dobbs also?

    Will this condition be covered by my HMO?