More on Milberg, Weiss — A ‘School for Sharks’

By May 27, 2006Briefly Legal

We’ve been so busy this week on the Al Gore movie and on the ANWR vote in the House and other shenanigans that we didn’t have the opportunity to link to this great editorial by our friend Mark Tapscott in The Examiner entitled, “School for sharks finally gets bit itself.” Says Tapscott:

“Of all the abuses of civil law, class actions are the worst. They allow a single law firm to represent millions of “injured clients,” who often end up with pocket change while the lawyers make fortunes.

Of all the law firms running these fleecing operations, the slickest and fattest of them all is Milberg Weiss Bershad & Schulman. When the latter two partners, David Bershad and Steven Schulman, were charged on May 18 with bribery, perjury and fraud, it was a long-awaited tolling of the bell for this school of sharks.”

It echoes and amplifies the points we made on this toxic factory a week or so ago. Here’s a link to the full editorial, pretty much hitting the nail on the head.

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