Happy Mothers Day

By May 14, 2006General

A few items for you regular die-hard blog readers this Mothers Day. First, a link to last year’s Mothers Day entry, reminding you of the contribution of manufacturers to Mothers Day.

Second, here’s a link to an entire website dedicated to Mothers Day. It even has a section on the history of the day.

And finally, lest we miss this opportunity, for those of you concerned about the high cost of fuel but still determined to send flowers this Mothers Day, here’s a link to Congressional testimony given last week on behalf of the Society of American Florists, noting that “up to 50 percent of the cost of flowers is attributable to transportation costs”, adding, “Our industry can’t continue to absorb those price increases….”

A reminder once again that we need to begin to unleash our own stores of energy so we can begin to drive down prices. Ask your elected representatives — if they won’t do it for the country, won’t they at least do it for Mom….?