Global Warming: More Facts

By May 3, 2006Global Warming

We were going to post this tomorrow, but this story in today’s WaPo gave us all the push we needed to post it today. It’s a nice note we received from global warming (not!) expert Bob Carter, from Down Under. You’ll remember we posted his article (noting that global warming actually stopped in 1998) a week or so ago. Herewith is Prof. Carter’s note to us, filled with great links and resources that rebut the current hysteria:

Dear Pat:

1. Thank you for publicizing my opinion piece published in the Sunday Telegraph a couple of weeks ago.

2. Congratulations on the consistent attempts that you make on your website to inject some rational discussion and information into the hysterical public debate on global warming and related environmental matters.

3. Any of your readers who are interested can find an updating of the ramifications of the Telegraph article by clicking here.

4. Another interesting development down here in the antipodes has been the creation of a new climate rationalist group in New Zealand. Just two days after the launch, this group is drawing a great deal of comment. Your readers can access the relevant information at this site.

5. Lastly, should you be interested to see some other related opinion pieces that I have written on environmental matters, especially on the ongoing scares about climate change and the Great Barrier Reef, then you can find them at this link.

Additionally, a list of some carefully chosen references and websites specifically on climate change are provided at this site as well.

6. Please do keep up the good work in distributing a broad church of opinions on climate change and other environmental issues.

With best wishes,

Bob Carter

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  • Anonymous says:

    i think that global warming is cool, but its also ridiculous!!!

    write back,

  • TokyoTom says:

    More fog, not facts, Pat. You continue to trot out whatever contrarian you can find, regardless of their credibility. Balance is not your goal, but continuing public subsidies to use manaufacturers in continuing the free use of the atmosphere.

    However, with more and more of our manufacturing base going to China, India and elsewhere in the third world, which like the US has no obligations under Kyoto, has it occurred to you and your members that the best way to ensure competitive advantage in the US is to push for binding GHG caps in China and elsewhere? That would eliminate one source of comparative advantage.

    In fact, a brilliant idea – until China agrees to something meaningful, we could use Kyoto as a basis to impose tariffs on imports from China!

    Why isn’t NAM willing to play a positive role, such as pushing for changes that the electric power industry wants so that we use clean coal gasification and carbon sequestration technology rather than continuing to simply burn the coal? A little push from you guys would be real win-win.