Global Warming: Look, Ma — No Balance!

By May 31, 2006Global Warming

Here’s USA Today’s biased view of global warming, a lengthy article by Elizabeth Weise from yesterday. Nary a dissenting view noted in the exhaustive piece. Maybe they should have talked to Achenbach. At least he found a couple of ’em. Maybe Weise should have asked a few questions.

And, the story links to “resources”, including a link to the Kyoto Protocol page (doesn’t note that it’s a political document or that most countries are missing their targets by a mile) and to a story about how global warming is causing stronger hurricanes which, apparently, they are not — or so the experts say — at least enough of ’em to cause a real debate. But what do they know, right? This is hysteria after all, no time for balance or science, apparently.

Sorry, gang, but this is just sloppy. A little balance goes a long way. Had this been a term paper, not sure they’d get a passing grade.

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  • Peter Renton says:

    Enough already! I don’t want to read any more entries on Global Warming for a while. Let’s get back to talking about things that are more relevant to manufacturers, and quit the political talk. No more Al Gore, no more scientific studies, let’s get back to more practical matters.