Give Us Energy and End the Death Tax

By May 2, 2006General

The NAM is participating in two important fly-ins this week, where CEOs are taking time from their businesses and family life to travel to Washington.

One fly-in, organized by the Consumer Alliance for Energy Security, involves meetings in which corporate CEOs are describing, in frank terms, the impact that our current energy policies are having on their companies’ ability to compete. The other fly-in is rallying support on behalf of permanent extension of the phase-out of the death tax.

The quest for a more aggressive energy policy is gaining more diverse support as manufacturers continue to contend with the world’s highest prices for natural gas, and consumers are seeing historically high prices for gasoline. It is becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to contend we don’t need access to more supplies — meaning specifically the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

As for the death tax, legislation enacted in 2001 phases it out by 2010, but the change is temporary. Without legislative action, the death tax will spring back to life in 2011. The House passed a bill (H.R. 8) to make repeal of the death tax permanent, but the Senate has yet to act. Hundreds of small business people have come to Washington to participate in the Annual Summit for Permanent Death Tax Repeal.

You can take action by contacting your lawmakers on this issue using these links:

Give Us Energy

End the Death Tax.