Gas Prices: Sen. Murkowski on Supply & Demand

By May 2, 2006Energy

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) made a floor statement recently on the importance of drilling in ANWR, a place the size of South Carolina, with a drilling footprint one-fifth the size of Dulles Airport. (Don’t believe us? Here’s a map.) ANWR would put out about a million barrels of oil a day nearly indefinitely, given its enormous reserve. Murkowski put in context what a million barrels a day would mean. She said, in part:

“Under the laws of supply and demand, one million barrels of oil is nothing to sneeze at.

One million barrels a day is the equivalent of raising the CAFE standards to 39 miles per gallon for cars [Ed: It is currently 27 mpg] and 29 miles per gallon for light trucks — double the truck increase recently proposed by the government.

One million barrels a day is the equivalent of the energy we wold obtain from a 3.7-million-acre wind farm….the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.

And one million barrels a day, according to the EIA, should be enough to lower the price of oil by nearly $1 a barrel.”

Sen. Murkowski knows what she’s talking about. She’s an Alaskan, and remember that Alaskans overwhelmingly favor the exploration of ANWR. They heard dire predictions about what would happen if the pipeline was built and have enjoyed only prosperity and environmental calm since it happened. Why can’t we let the Alaskans determine their own fate on this issue? Why must the nannies step in and tell Alaskans what’s best for them? This exploration can be done in an environmentally-sound way. The technology today allows for a very small footprint — and promises lots of production.

Supply, demand.

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