Gas Prices: Peterson Amendment Passes Committee

By May 11, 2006Energy

Thanks to the tremendous leadership of one man, Rep. John Peterson (R-PA) — and a bunch of manufacturers who weighed in through the blog and elsewhere — we are one step closer to lower prices for energy. Peterson’s bill, to lift the 25-year, outdated federal moratorium on exploration of our own resources, passed the House Appropriations Committee today by a vote of 37-25, a pretty safe margin. However, as we noted briefly yesterday, this fight has only begun. Still needs to pass the full House and Senate. In short, we have a long way to go, but this vote is historic — literally — cracking as it does a 25 year-old chokehold on our own energy supplies. Rep. Peterson’s office called it “a seismic shift” in energy policy. It is that, and more. Said Peterson upon passage of his amendment:

“Congress took an important first step today toward facing an energy supply problem it created more than a generation ago. The burden has now shifted to those who oppose the safe production of domestic natural gas to explain to the American people why this country should continue to lock up vast reserves of energy while…American consumer[s] continue to pay the highest prices in the world.”

Here’s a link to his full statement.Thanks again to Rep. Peterson for his laser-like focus and leadership.