Gas Prices: Another Blow for Increased Supply

By May 8, 2006Energy

Just caught up with this story from the New Orleans Times-Picayune that Gov. Kathleen Blanco on Friday vetoed plans for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility sixteen miles off the Louisiana coast that would have produced enough natural gas each year to supply a state as big as Mississippi. Too bad. So we’ll add another new forbidden energy supply to the list while we wring our hands over energy prices.

There are about 50 LNG facilities around the world. Japan has about two dozen. The US has exactly 5 — very discouraging. They are safe and LNG helps drive down the price of natural gas — remember we pay the highest price in the world for natural gas at present, a cost disproportionately borne by manufacturers who are trying valiantly to compete in a very competitive market.

Here’s a link to a WaPo piece from late last year about how the enviros are screwing up the LNG market, and here’s a link to a site that’ll give you some facts on LNG. You’ll see that it’s clean, safe and affordable. Makes you wonder what the politicians are waiting for, doesn’t it?