Friday Follies Bonus: ADA Plaintiff Leaps From Wheelchair, Police in Pursuit

By May 12, 2006Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgThis one was just too good to pass up. The fact that it occurred late on a Friday means that we can still get it in under the wire here by a few hours on the East Coast, still qualifying for “Friday Follies.”

A regular blog reader sent us this story this afternoon. According to this AP story, one Laura Lee Medley, a serial plaintiff in ADA claims and apparently wheelchair-bound was being taken to the hospital in Las Vegas by police when she leapt from her wheelchair and took off running, only to be apprehended shortly thereafter. “A modern-day miracle”, one officer called it. Hey — everybody hopes for a miracle in Vegas! If only she had been in Lourdes, she may have gotten away with it. (Catholic joke — Google “Lourdes”, you’ll get it….).

Turns out Ms. Medley is a perennial ADA claimant, having settled a claim against the City of Pasadena for almost $7000 last year. She field a nearly $10,000 claim in San Bernardino County in February of this year, filed one for $5,000 against the City of Long Beach, too. At one point, she had claimed three broken arms in an eight week span — two lefts and a right. That must’ve hurt.

Among other offenses, she has been charged with filing false documents, attempted grand theft and two counts of insurance fraud. As it turns out, she is also a fugitive with arrest warrants in Arizona for forgery and California for fraud.

While this must have been a hilarious scene to watch this scammer leap from her wheelchair and take off down the street, the plain truth is that she demeans every wheelchair-bound person in doing so. And, we are reminded once again that the ADA is for disabled people, but there are all too few scammers out there mis-using its terms. This is but one who got caught.