Friday Follies: Al Gore’s Address to the Nation

By May 26, 2006Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgWe know we’ve been a little rough on Al Gore this week, from actually presenting a dissenting view from his new movie to pointing out some obvious things he missed. And so we started feeling a little bad about all that when someone pointed us in the direction of this video.

It’s the clip of his opening on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back, his imagined Presidential Address in 2006, assuming he was elected in 2000. In other words, it’s a six-year lookback, a review of his accomplishments. And it’s very funny, from dealing with “runaway glaciers” that have been caused by the end of global warming to dealing with the perils of gas at 19 cents/gallon, since all cars now run on trash. He talks about the lockbox, about the result of his immigration solution — “Mexifornia” — and boasts of his anti-hurricane and tornado machine.

All in all, it’s a funny and good natured effort by our former Vice President. We were going to tell him he should stick with comedy, but some folks who have seen his film have opined that maybe he did…..

Click here to watch this 4-minute clip.

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