‘Fire and Ice’: Global Warming Cooling Warming

By May 18, 2006Global Warming

There’s a new study entitled, “Fire and Ice” from the Business and Media Institute, confirming what we’ve been saying all along, that the media’s been a little wishy-washy on the issue of global climate change over the past several decades. To use an 80- or 90-year time frame is not unfair, considering the earth is well over 4 billion years old. Within this relatively short time span, according to BMI, major news outlets like the New York Times and Time magazine have blown hot and cold on the topic with regularity. The fact that they are currently stuck on global warming seems to have captivated the media at the moment.

Study author Dan Gainor was on “Hannity and Colmes” on Wednesday night discussing his findings. Let’s hope it works its way into the current discourse, although since it doesn’t jibe with the current party line, that’s not terribly likely. In other words, don’t hold your breath waiting to see Gainor on CNN any time soon.

Here’s a link to the full study and here’s a link to the Executive Summary.

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  • Ben Wisniewski says:

    I am quoting Carl Sagan verbatim in his book COSMOS: “Billions of years from now, there will be a last perfect day on Earth. Thereafter the Sun will slowly become red and distended, presiding over an Earth sweltering even at the poles. The Arctic and Antarctic icecaps will melt, flooding the coasts of the world. The high oceanic temperatures will release water vapor into the air, increasing cloudiness, shielding the Earth from sunlight and delaying the end a little. But solar evolution is inexorable. Eventually the oceans will boil, the atmosphere will evaporate away to space and a catastrophe of the most immense proportions imaginable will overtake our planet.”

    Did Carl Sagan know, or do we know with any certainty where on this “billions of years” time line we lay? Could it be there will be cycles of warming and cooling all along the billions of years time line?

    For example we know that sunspot activity cycles anywhere from 11 to 23 years and El Nino cylces something like every 7 years. Can I change that by switching from a gas guzzler to a bicycle? Even if everyone on Earth did the same, would it change anything?

    My point is there are things way beyond the control of humans, except how much excrement they dump into rivers, lakes and oceans, or what kind of autombile they choose to drive.

    I do not believe in accelerating any process, especially when it come to cooking good food, but for lack of a better ending, can’t we find more reliable, learned people than Al Gore to be a spokesperson for an Earth that may be in crisis?

  • nate says:

    If you go back 5,000 years, a time frame that is not unfair, considering the earth is well over 4 billion years old, you will find near unanimity for 90% of that time that the Earth was flat and the whole universe revolved around it. I suppose that’s good enough for me…