Engler: ‘America Needs More Nuclear Energy….’

By May 31, 2006Energy

Here’s a link to a Detroit News op-ed by the boss, former Michigan Governor (and now NAM President) John Engler, touting the need for more nuclear energy. It’s safe, it’s clean and it’s inexpensive. It’s why France gets 80% of its energy from nuclear.

In any event, check it out. It’s getting a lot of buzz today.

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  • So, just because the French are doing it, we should follow? 😉 (Just kidding.)

    Actually, isn’t Europe (including France) known for its mounds of socially-good regulations? If so, then, if nuclear energy can still be produced in Europe, wouldn’t it be a no-brainer here in the states? Of course, there are safety and environmental precautions and guidelines. But, there are potential hazards in any energy-producing effort. Go nuclear!