Energy Policy in the Grip of ‘Environmental Taliban’?

By May 21, 2006Energy

Both you regular blog readers know we often say in this space that the energy policy in this country has been held hostage by the radical enviro movement for the last thirty years. Well, now we can say that if you don’t believe us, ask Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-HI).

During the debate on the Peterson Amendment last week to lift the federal moratorium on tapping our own resources in the Outer Continental Shelf, Rep. Abercrombie — who co-sponsored the amendment — took to the House floor. There, he said in part:

“Our problem, Mr. Chairman, is, particularly for those of us who are Democrats, that we are in the grip now of an assault by an environmental Taliban…”

Some times we see stuff and say, “Wish we said that.” But this is probably one of those lines that, had we said it, bad things might have happened to us. And so we say “Bravo!” to Rep. Abercrombie for calling ’em as he sees ’em. We think he called this one about right.