Energy Options Shrinking?

By May 4, 2006Taking It for Granted

Blog-Icon-MI.jpgOne of the possibilities for rescuing America from its short-sighted energy plans is the option of building ports for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Indeed, Japan has two dozen of them but the U.S. has only about the same number as South Korea. For those who advocate use of clean-burning natural gas but are terrified of the thought of drilling for more of it right here in the United States, LNG ports might be seen as a good alternative. In fact, building ports here is a good idea as it diversifies the energy stream.

But news out of Indonesia last week was not promising. Indonesia is the largest LNG exporter (followed closely by Malaysia and Qatar). At a time when LNG supplies around the world are tightening, Jakarta sources said they may begin curbing shipments to Japan and elsewhere to preserve the use of the gas domestically.

Should restrictions on exports of LNG take place, then the pressure would really be on for the United States to develop its own natural gas resources in Alaska, off the east and west coast and in the western states. That’s news the Sierra Club and its allies probably don’t want to hear. They seem to take our energy for granted and don’t want to do the hard lifting it will take to set us on a new course. Check out that cartoon that Patrick Cleary posted yesterday!