Cool Stuff Being Made: How Pasta Is Made

By May 13, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

pasta.jpgIf you grocery shop when you’re hungry, you’ll buy more food. Well, if we write when we’re hungry, we write about food. This week’s video is of an American Italian Pasta Company plant in Columbia, South Carolina and shows you how pasta is made. Pasta, a s you probably know, was introduced to Europe by Marco Polo, who brought it back from China. (Ever had lo mein…?)

This eight and a half minute video follows the the process of milling — turning wheat into semolina flour — through mixing and finally through extrusion and cutting (where necessary). Just in case you fix some pasta for Mom tomorrow for Mothers’ Day, this will remind you of the many steps (and the technology) that go into making it, and will remind you that every time you enjoy a plate of pasta, you’re enjoying the handiwork of America’s manufacturers.

Click here to see this week’s video, courtesy of South Carolina Educational TV, feel the manufacturing vibe and — mangia!