ANWR: Who Voted For Higher Energy Prices This Time?

By May 26, 2006Energy

Just wanted to provide a quick post-mortem on the successful ANWR vote yesterday. The bill to allow us to tap our own energy, a supply as large as our current exports from Saudi Arabia — which are substantial — passed 225-201, with 198 Republicans and 27 Democrats voting in favor of the bill. This, incidentally, is the 12th time — the twelfth time — that this bill has been voted on in the House. You’d go a little nuts if you lived here, wouldn’t you….?

Here again is the roll call vote. You should look it over and find your Member of Congress, make sure they voted “yea”. Then you should look at this list, too, to make sure they voted “nay” last week on the Putnam Amendment to continue the ban on exploration of the Outer Continental Shelf. If they’re wrong on both votes, don’t ever let them tell you they care about how high your energy prices are. They have missed a golden opportunity — no, two golden opportunities — to lower your prices by increasing our domestic supply.

On the ANWR blog, you can send a note to your Representative to either thank them or to let them know you’re not too happy with their vote. We hope you’ll do that, let ’em know you’re watching. A vigilant electorate is our best hope for actually doing something about energy prices.

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  • Julius J. Vinter says:

    Thanks for surrendering to the muslim terrorist regimes in Saudi Arabia and Iran. You are helping to destroy our economy and building the muslim nations. We need to drill in our nation and keep the dollars at home rather than sending them overseas. I dont want to support islam another day or with another penny. You will be voted out next term as it is obvious you despise America. We need to completely stop all business with these muslim nations and develop our own economy so we will no longer be held in chains by these terrorist regimes that claim to be our friends.

  • Paul Seibold says:

    Sent to Senators Schumer and Clinton

    I have done a little honest investigation with respect to ANWR, and have found the justifications for not drilling in ANWR are false, in politically incorrect terms (but honest terms) a lie. The original Alaska drilling 40 years ago contains the facts. It did not affect the environment or animal life and that includes the spill. In fact the environment and animal life are flourishing and our drilling technology now is several orders of magnitude improved since then. In addition it dramatically improved the economy of the Indians. In fact the drilling has proven to be a benefit to the region in every respect, environmentally and economically. We can expect the same in ANWR and better.

    I can only imagine how thrilled the Saudi?s are and Iran, and South America is, at your position just to name a few of our real and potential enemies. Your position on ANWR and other drilling likely makes them your best friends. We have vast reserves in shale, which our government should invest in as Canada did in the sands. According to your statement we should not invest in research. According to research our shale may contain enough potential to support the entire world for a century.

    China and Cuba are now planning drilling of Florida and soon will start off our west coast. I am certain they will not protect the environment, and YOU will be responsible for the damage they create to our national security, environment and our economy.

    Methanol is only a small part of our energy solution. Unlike Brazil we are not able to produce it in the volumes and at a price that is economical. They use sugar cane; we have to use corn, a huge, huge difference.

    You agenda seems to me to be preposterous since it is not based on facts. Your agenda will have serious destructive consequences to our security, economy and yes even our environment. Is this what we can expect from you?