Al Gore and Kyoto

By May 24, 2006Global Warming

In a piece in Reason by Ronald Bailey last week, he says,

“Having seen only the movie trailer at this point, I don’t know exactly what Gore’s latest plan is, but I suspect that he favors schemes for reducing greenhouse gases emitted by humanity, given his support for the Kyoto Protocol.”

Indeed he does. We saw this last week by Eric Peters, discussing Gore’s movie tour (speculating on another Presidential bid) and noting the love not lost between the former Vice President and the President he served:

“The resentment turned into smoldering outrage in 1997, when Gore jumped a last-minute flight to Japan to sign the United States on to the Kyoto global warming treaty only to have President Clinton refuse to send it the Senate for ratification.

Clinton, a master at detecting even the slightest wind shifts of political opinion, deferred to a 95-0 Senate resolution urging him to deep-six the treaty after various government and private studies showed its draconian mandates would plunge the nation into a deep recession.”

Very perceptive piece. Indeed Gore was pulled up short by Clinton on Kyoto and the Senate defeated its ratification without a single dissenting vote. This in spite of the fact that Gore had served eight years there, yet couldn’t twist a single arm for a vote.

And a good thing, too. As you’ll see in this slide from the American Council for Capital Formation, most every signatory to the Kyoto Accords will exceed their targets, some mightily. It was –as even Bill Clinton knew — a political document, one that didn’t include India and China, and one that, as the article above notes, he feared would have spelled disaster for our economy.

If only Al Gore would listen to his old boss…..