A New Blogger?!?

By May 2, 2006General

Hey — wait a minute — did a new blogger sneak in when we weren’t looking?

Why yes, that piece down below, “Give Us Energy and End the Death Tax” — it’s written by NAM President John Engler, former three term Governor of Michigan — one in the same.

We’ve always said we have Gov. Engler to thank for giving us the green light to start this blog. Whatever meager success we’ve enjoyed has been because he gave us enough rope to run. But at some point, he decided we shouldn’t have all the fun.

And so on this auspicious day we say thanks once again and “Welcome” to our boss — and now fellow blogger — John Engler. He does a weekly message, which we will be posting on here as well as on our home page. Being the unpredictable sort, he may write on other topics as well from time to time.

We’re glad he joined the fray, are honored to be in his e-company. As regular blog readers know, he can only raise the level of discourse here.