‘Why Buy Wi-Fi?’

By April 3, 2006General

Here’s something we pass along as a public service for those of you who often find themselves –as we do — looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot. Here’s a WaPo article by Sacha Cohen with a link to a site that lists free hotspots by state, along with a listing of airports with free Wi-Fi and hotels and — gulp — vacation rentals with free Wi-Fi access. The last list is full of places to avoid if you really want to be on vacation. In any event a good resource page for finding free Wi-Fi.

A faithful blog reader — one of two — sent it to us today with the accompanying message which we thought was worth reprinting:

“Needless to say, this helps drive business to those venues and away from those (such as Starbucks) that charge money to get online. I am forever amazed at how — in the blink of an eye (one decade) — the internet has infinitely expanded our opportunities to share unusual information, which in turn continues to dramatically alter our free market economy (and even more important, those economies that aren’t so free). What a remarkable time to be alive.”

It is truly remarkable how the Internet continues to change the way we live and continues to impact the market in ways we never anticipated.

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  • Why “gulp” about wi fi at vacation rentals? It’s just another way that life is changing. Americans are taking shorter vacations than ever, and mixing work with pleasure more and more. When I added wireless broadband to two out of three of my vacation rentals, I did it partly for my guests and partly for me. Why? If I can work for an hour or two after coming in from the beach or slopes, then I can go away more often. If it is on high speed, then I can do it more quickly, and if wireless: more comfortably (read:”on the patio” or “in front of the TV”).

    Yes, there are times when vacations can and should be work free, but even then, I find wi fi the best way to send vacation “postcards” to family and friends, a note to check on the dog sitter, and look up movie times at the theater closest to our vacation spot.

    Times they are a changing…I’ll take wi fi over a TV any time!