Virginia Moves Closer to Lower Energy Prices

By April 7, 2006Energy

Thanks to Virginia State Senator Frank Wagner — a small manufacturer and NAM Board member — the Commonwealth of Virginia is getting closer to lower energy prices. Wagner has been working on legislation — a bill has already passed — that would lift the federal moratorium on offshore exploration of its own resources. Gov. Tim Kaine is reviewing the bill, deciding what to do about it. We can’t imagine he’d veto it and push higher costs on the poor and those with fixed incomes, let alone on Virginia manufacturers, who are already in the middle of very stiff global competition, and are paying the highest prices in the world for natural gas.

Here’s a link to an article on the topic. Bravo to Sen. Wagner, a great manufacturer and a great leader and legislator. Let’s hope Gov. Kaine makes the right move for the citizens of his state and that other states will follow.