The Week Ahead: Energy and Global Whatever

By April 3, 2006Global Warming

This week will be a busy week on energy on a couple of fronts. We’ll be having an energy event on Wednesday about which we’ll provide more details as we get closer.

On Tuesday, the Senate Energy Committee is hosting a “forum” on climate change. Yeesh. Hate to be pessimistic, but we expect more “ready, fire, aim” from all this climate change chatter. As we said earlier, not that long ago everyone was screaming about global cooling. Now the story is global warming. It almost seems that the media frenzy swings with the mercury: “Sure is hot in here”, “Sure is cold in here.” Whatever.

We will continue to insist on science, even if we’re the last ones. We want some fundamental question answered: is the globe getting warmer or cooler? Why? What should be done about it, if anything? Truth is, no one’s credibly gotten past questions 1 & 2 without a scientific shouting match. Why? There’s simply no consensus, that’s why.

So expect more media frenzy this week, expect more climate change hijinks. And for anyone who wants to educate themselves on the issue, there are plenty of resources in our many prior posts on the topic. But for starters, here’s our white paper on climate change– submitted to the same Senate committee that’s hosting this week’s confab. Keep it handy on Tuesday.