The Tax Man Cometh (And Manufacturers to the Rescue!)

By April 15, 2006General

Just a friendly (or maybe not so) reminder that today is April 15th, Tax Day. We are reminded of that funny quote by Ronald Reagan: “Democrats see an America where every day is April 15th, tax day; we see an America where every day is the Fourth of July” (feel free to switch party references in that quote if it makes you feel better).

It should be noted that if you are an individual, your taxes aren’t actually due today. Due to April 15th falling on a weekend, the government has given us until midnight on April 17th to complete your taxes.

The Blogger in Chief, since he is the oldest blogger on earth, can probably remember the day long before computers helped us with our taxes and when they once were just on a single page of paper. In truth, though, according to Rep. Richard Neal (MA), the tax code has expanded from around 500 pages in 1913 to 45,662 pages in 2001 to 60,044 pages in 2005.

Also, just in case you are wondering manufacturers are in fact involved in making it a bit easier to do your taxes. From the Texas Instruments calculators, to the Day Timers that keep you organized…we are here to help!

Here’s a link to an article we wrote last year, still very much true, on how manufacturers make Tax Day just a little easier.