The State of the Blogosphere

By April 18, 2006General

Some interesting thoughts on the state of — and especially the growth of — the blogosphere from blog wise man (not to be confused with wise guy) David Sifry, father of Technorati. As he notes, Technorati now tracks over 35 million blogs, with some 75,000 new blogs being launched each day. Just staggering, this new medium.

In any event, we thought we’d pass it along for your reading pleasure. David was kind enough to say some nice things about our humble little blog a month or so ago as part of the CQ story.W e were humbled that with all the blogs he has to monitor that we even made it on to his screen. But we were also grateful.

So read and enjoy. And, both you regular blog readers should pat yourselves on the back for being part of a cutting edge — and growing — phenomenon.