The Media Frenzy Over Global Cooling, er… Warming

By April 2, 2006Global Warming

A good op-ed today by George Will entitled, “Let Cooler Heads Prevail” about the latest media frenzy over global warming. He points out that just a few short decades ago, the buzz was over global cooling. (Has he been reading the blog….?) Considering the earth is about 4.5 billion years old, these 30 years are but the wink of an eye. Still, the pseudo-scientists and enviros have blown hot and cold — or, more accurately cold and hot — on the topic. Concludes Will, “Perhaps the problem is big crusading journalism.”

Perhaps so.

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  • Theo says:

    As I’ve posted on my blog, Will is lying by omission and stacking the deck. And given he’s in the media, by his own argument, we believe him why?

  • Rich Incognito says:

    Of course, if George Will was an honest man, he would have noted that his partial quote from the Science article (“Variations in the Earth’s Orbit: Pacemaker of the Ice Ages” – Science Vol. 194, Dec. 10, 1976) does not accurately convey what the scientists wrote. The actual article very explicit states that 1) the scientists were looking at earth orbital patterns, 2) that their conclusions were based entirely on NATURAL components of climate change, NOT the “anthropogenic effects as those due to the burning of fossil fuels,” and 3) that “the results indicate that the long-term trend over the next 20,000 years is toward extensive Northern Hemisphere glaciation and cooler climate.”

    In other words, NO scientists were forecasting an imminent ice age.

    While it is true that a number of JOURNALISTS were making such claims, it is not true that scientists were.

    Thus, Will’s accusation that journalists are conducting a “misinformation campaign” is accurate in so much as he is talking about himself.