Thanks, Fellow Bloggers

By April 23, 2006General

Just wanted to say thanks to fellow bloggers Dave Huether, Bill Canis and the blogger’s apprentice himself for holding down the rhetorical fort while the blogger-in-chief was off with the fam in the Holy Land — the Cradle of Civilization — for Spring Break. Always good to be there, to feel the manufacturing vibe, although Gov. Corzine seems intent on running business out of the state, by making the business climate much less friendly. Way to govern. Made it across the river a time or two, caught a few shows, was always glad to scurry back across to the Jersey side, safe and sound. Always felt better once we saw this sign.

In any event, our other NAM bloggers all held up their end of the bargain, kept traffic constant, and even raised the level of the writing a bit, not hard to do, admittedly.