Smartest Damned Blog Readers on the Planet, v. 5 or 6

By April 14, 2006General

A great comment posted below to our piece entitled, “Global Warming: Climate of Fear“, pretty much summed up our view and was written better than we could write it, a low bar, we know. Thought it was worth highlighting:

“At best, Kyoto would have reduced the worldwide production of carbon dioxide only slightly and the effect on climate change would have been minuscule. It is possible that Kyoto could have actually increased the global production of carbon dioxide.

But Kyoto was more about the transfer of wealth from “have” nations to “have not” nations anyway. For the United States, Kyoto would have been an economic disaster. The United States Senate (Democrats and Republicans) totally rejected it and they were correct in doing so.

There is no objective scientific basis for the level of hysteria that exists today on the subject of anthropogenic global warming. It seems to be a belief system. I suppose that is why “heretics” are attacked with such venom.

I think that we should have a strong scientific basis for any course of action that may involve a hit on the economy that could amount to hundreds of billions of dollars.”

This more than made up for the one that preceded it, which actually got pretty wide distribution ’round the blog corral and made us laugh out loud when we first read it, for it, too, was aimed squarely at the blogger-in-chief and was pretty simply stated, i.e.: “History will reveal you to be a colossal buffoon, I am sorry to say.”

Never should have introduced mom to the Internet…..

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  • St. Bernard says:

    Hi Pat, david and the guys & gals,

    spot of fun on global warming skepticaemia over at my blog – ‘blogtrack’ right now. Tackles the Do Nothing Brigade. Unashamedly called: The Power of When..

    best wishes