Protecting Manufacturing’s Innovations

By April 18, 2006Taking It for Granted

Blog-Icon-MI.jpgStrong enforcement of intellectual property laws is one of the reasons that U.S. manufacturing is highly competitive in today’s global marketplace. Inventors know that their works will be protected under the law from others who might steal them and use their good ideas, hard work and investments illegally. Unfortunately, too many people in and out of government take this for granted. They shouldn’t.

Tomorrow, The Manufacturing Institute, the research and education arm of the NAM, will release a new report that reminds us all about why strong intellectual property laws are important to manufacturing innovation. It’s one reason that issues of counterfeiting and piracy will be at the top of the list of issues President Bush discusses with Chinese President Hu later this week. Come to the institute’s roundtable tomorrow at 10 am at the NAM if you’d like a primer on this important manufacturing issue. Professor Richard Epstein, University of Chicago and Hoover Institution, will discuss his report, Intellectual Property for the Technological Age. Also on the program is Michael Ryan, director of George Washington University’s Creative and Innovative Economy Center who will be discussing international trends in IP enforcement. The institute’s president, Jerry Jasinowski, will moderate.