President Hu Assures Americans on IPR Concerns

By April 20, 2006Trade

We were pleased to read an article yesterday’s Seattle Times about a recap of President Hu’s dinner at the home of Bill and Melinda Gates.

The second to last paragraph quotes President Hu assuring the Microsoft Chairman that China intends to enforce intellectual property rights laws. We sure hope so. We only hope they’ll be as fastidious in supporting IPR as they have been with the 2008 Olympic logo. Here’s a link to the NAM policy position on IPR and some related documents on our history (going back over 100 years) of involvement in this issue.

The timing of Hu’s statement couldn’t have been better planned with the Manufacturing Institute releasing a new report explaining how patents, copyrights and trade secrets play a critical role in producing technological creativity, innovation and economic growth at home and abroad.

But as the NAM’s Pat Mears has pointed out, the proof is in the pudding: the important thing is if they are really going to enforce counterfeiting and piracy as a criminal offense they ought to prosecute offenders and destroy their means of production.